Fatty Liver Grade 2

Fatty Liver Grade

In Fatty Liver Grade 2, more and more fat is being deposited as triglycerides. The fat forms vacuoles in the cells and displaces more of the cell contents, making them dysfunctional. Symptoms start appearing more rapidly in Grade 2 than in Grade 1 and the condition is definitely more serious. Those with this condition need medical care.

The cause of Fatty Liver Grade 2 could be a number of things, including:

  • alcoholism
  • diabetes
  • metabolic syndrome
  • obesity
  • certain medications that cause fatty liver
  • genetic disorders of high blood fats (cholesterol, triglycerides)

Depending on the progression of Fatty Liver Grade 2, there may be symptoms such as abdominal pain, bruising in the body, spontaneous bleeding such as nosebleeds, extreme fatigue, fever, itching skin, moodiness, and belly enlargement. The area of the liver in the body may hurt most of the day.

Blood tests will show elevated liver enzymes. And because in Grade 2 Fatty Liver, you will also have inflammation, the condition has now progressed to hepatitis. In some cases, hepatitis may require hospitalization.

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Fatty liver has been described in the medical condition as a health issue where free radicals are causing a lot of damage to the liver. Unless someone with Fatty Liver Grade 2 can decrease these free radicals, the damage will continue. One of the main causes of the excess free radicals is alcohol consumption. Another way is to eat foods that are high in unsaturated fats.

Although some health organizations emphasize the viewpoint that it’s saturated fat causing the problem, more and more evidence leads to the proving of the idea that it’s been the unsaturated fats all along that have been the culprits. Chemically speaking, saturated fat is stable both at room temperature and in the body. However, it’s the unsaturated fats that generate the free radicals and cause the damage. Thus it behooves you to remove all vegetable oils – corn, soy, safflower, canola and vegetable from your diet.

The liver is a regenerative organ and if you’re at Grade 2, you should make every effort to change your daily habits. The opportunity is now and if the condition progresses, you may not have the chance again. The primary consideration is alcohol consumption. Moderation is not the key here – and never is when a fatty liver has already formed. Abstinence is the only solution.

Diet changes are next. If you are still eating a lot of refined carbohydrates, it’s time to stop right now. The primary reason is that these are the biggest influence on your triglyceride levels in the body, and it’s triglycerides that are accumulating in the liver.


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